Certified US Kids Golf Coach


“Don’t forget to order your Holiday Gift e-Card for that special ‘duffer’ in your life!” 
–  Slobo

“I’m very happy to announce that we are open and swinging away!  Here at Slobo Golf Academy we’re practicing social distancing and when in close proximity wearing masks.  Hand sanitizing and equipment sanitation is being stringently followed for the health and safety of all. We are all in this together 
–  Slobo

Coach Ben and the Slobo Golf Academy are happy to announce that we are now officially associated with Wilson Golf!  We are very excited about this new association and what it brings to our program.  Contact Coach Ben for info on fittings and special golf club rates.
–  Slobo

Certified US Kids Golf Coach

“I’m proud to announce that the Slobo Golf Academy is associated with U.S. Kids Golf.  As Certified Coaches, we look forward to bringing even more teaching skills to help develop your golfer’s game to the next level.”

Ladies Golf Clinics ARE BACK!

We are limiting class size, practicing social distancing and equipment sanitization. Players and coaches will be wearing masks.

It’s Time to SLOBO-cise!

Slobo is putting together a series of exercises designed to keep your game and you in shape during this time. Make sure you’re ready to attack the course when your next tee time arrives.

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Let’s put together the perfect lesson package for your game!

Schedule a day with the king…  “The King of Swing!”

This is a special training opportunity for the fine-tuning of your game.  You select the course, the number of holes and the elements of your game you need Slobo to work with you on.  This is on the course “real-time” training with a PGA Pro.  There’s no better way to jump start your game than a one-on-one custom session.


No matter what part of your game needs professional attention, Ben is a consummate pro with the knowledge and ability to guide you to your goal.

Ben’s passion to teach others golf comes from his own experiences with golf instruction as a junior and college player. He has attended numerous national and local PGA Teaching seminars and has studied under the tutelage of Golf Practice owner and co-author of the PGA Teaching Manual, Peter Donahue and PGA Pro, author of “Real Golf” and radio host Tracey Roberts. He also studied under Chris Oehlerking who has been under the tutelage of Hank Haney for eight years. Ben has coached players that have won tournaments at the Junior, College and Amateur level.

Ben takes time to understand how his players learn so he can present lessons in a manner clients internalize and repeat. He is patient and has a great eye for correcting the golf swing, these traits help make sure each student reaches their full potential.


Apparel items are on their way to a pro shop near you!

What Slobo’s Students Think…

“Ben Slobodien is a professional person, not just a golf professional. He has character, and he brings great passion to his craft. In 10 minutes, you’ll know that he cares deeply about making you a better player. I’ve been playing golf for 51 years, and am finally learning how to really play the game, thanks to Ben. He understands the golf swing better than anyone I’ve ever met and, most importantly, he knows how to impart that to his students.  Ben is forever on my team – don’t leave home without him!”

“Omg, Benny is the greatest! He is legend, he makes learning golf easy and fun. He’s also hilarious and very engaging. Benny, truly loves the game and pours all that love and knowledge into you. He’s the absolute best!”

Having always been an advocate for coaching whether it be business, personal training. or personal development it was only natural that when i decided to take up golfing I asked around people that I know if Irvine if they would recommend an instructor. I received one name multiple times…. BenSlobedian. Like any good student I listened, and since the moment I met Ben I knew he was an elite coach. His passion radiates off him, his love for the game is tremendous, but more so his love to teach is second to none. he will be my coach for life. I have him teaching my wife, and when I have kids he will not only teach them, but be their personal coach and get them into golf programs in schools, clubs, and college. No doubt in my mind that my future kids will be golf prodigies, because Ben is going to get to them early. I am a betting man, and I can say unequivocally that I am doubling down, going all in on Ben’s program, and I would have words with any person who says other wise. Have one conversation with him and you will see what I mean.

I have known Ben since early 2016 when after a 7 year absence from golf, I decided to return to play on a regular basis and began taking weekly private lessons from him. Ben always has a positive attitude toward golf in particular and life in general. His upbeat demeanor had a major impact on me during all our lessons.

Ben is first to point out your positive responses to his instruction techniques. He keeps instruction simple and upbeat. When I started taking lessons from Ben, I had absolutely no confidence on the course routinely scoring in the high 90s-low 100s. Today, I’m scoring in the low-to-mid 80s and I know with more routine play, I can drop into the high 70s.

I highly recommend Ben. He is a honest and caring professional golf instructor and a great young man.


Cancellation Policy:

The Slobo Golf Academy requires a 24 hour notice of cancellation via email or text message in the event you are unable to keep your scheduled lesson or class. There are no refunds and your card/account will be charged without prior cancellation notice.  We appreciate your understanding. Thank you.