“Gift Cards in any amount available NOW!” –  Slobo

Private Lessons

30 minutes to 1 hour of one on one instruction – Helping students understand the fundamentals of golf in a fun and cooperative environment. During a private lessons, you, the student are able to work on fundamentals known as PGA: Posture, Grip, Alignment. As we work together in this time we will be building a relationship and building your game to the level you desire. Clients range in all ages and abilities. What brought us together is golf but what is going to help you achieve your goals is building a life long relationship with the game we call golf.

Junior Lessons

Ben Slobodien is a youth specialist, he has organized hundreds of campers under the Nike Golf Camp arena. Ben offers youth group and individual lessons. Some youth golfers want to compete others want to play their own best games. Ben believes the future of golf revolves around youth and will offer a $20 discount for all youth lessons until the student’s 13th birthday. Ben is familiar with working with students at all levels, his youngest client is 3 and is hitting the ball like a champ. You are never too young to start!

Ben devises lesson plans based on how the child learns, some students learn through fun games others need more structure. If your student has a learning disability make sure to let Ben know so he can alter the lesson to fit the player’s needs.

Group Lessons

Bring a group of three to five friends for an hour group lesson. During group lessons you will be in a great environment to learn golf without judgment. If you like to learn as a team this would be a great option for you. Grab your friends and create a group hour lesson! Ben has created group lessons for company’s like KPMG, Taco Bell and PAAMCO, it’s an awesome team building experience and creates trust and memories outside the office.

Coaching Series

Ages: 8-13 you will learn the values of character, integrity and the rules of golf. If you are looking to play golf in high school this program is a must. Ben will devise a coaching program tailored to the requirements of your future high school. Ben has coached high school golf in Orange County for many years and has many connections. He knows what your future coaches are looking for and he can help you reach your goals.

Ages 14-17 this program is designed to prepare you for the pressures and designs of collegiate golf. Ben will help you create your resume for college golf coaches and get your game ready for the challenges associated with the collegiate game. As a high school golf coach and past collegiate player, Ben is familiar with the preparations required to succeed in the collegiate arena.

Cancellation Policy:

The Slobo Golf Academy requires a 24 hour notice of cancellation via email or text message in the event you are unable to keep your scheduled lesson or class. There are no refunds and your card/account will be charged without prior cancellation notice.  We appreciate your understanding. Thank you.